Zeevee – HDb2380 – 8 Channel, 480i Composite Video Modulator

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ZeeVee HDb2380 8 channel 480i Composite Video Modulator

Key Features

  • Digital quality at 480i – composite video inputs are converted to clear digital channels, while respecting content broadcast requirements.
  • 8 channels fit on 2 RF frequencies – making your coax infrastructure even more capable of delivering all your channels.
  • Each unit broadcasts 8 video sources in 1RU – saving you rack space and money.
  • Color LCD for front-panel configuration and at-a-glace monitoring and status.
  • Ethernet port – for configuration and remote management.
  • Analog Audio – internally encoded and broadcast as Dolby® AC-3 or MPEG-1 Layer 2 (varies by region).
  • Integrated Closed Caption support – required for ADA compliance in many applications.
  • Five year warranty.


Each HDb2380 is directly connected to 8 composite video sources and converts each source into a digital cable channel. Hundreds of channels can coexist simultaneously on the same coax cable, and are simply viewed by using the tuner built into every HDTV!

Upgrade all your analog head-ends to digital
• Far better picture quality – today’s TVs want digital!
• Signal quality – won’t degrade like analog
• Simple configuration – add or upgrade channels in minutes
• Clear QAM broadcast – works with all standard HDTVs
…All at a cost comparable to today’s analog!