ZeeVee – ZvMXE – IP Set-Top Box

  • ZvMXE auto-discovers the ZyPerMX and ZvPro iSeries streams, which are added automatically to the lineup
  • Additional channels/streams can be added manually
  • Support three main HD formats: H.264, MPEG- 2, MPEG-4, and others
  • Supports many kinds of IPTV programs
  • Infrared remote control with programmable buttons allows direct control of the television (unified remote control for controlling user experience)


ZeeVee now offers an end-to-end H.264, IP Video DistributionSolution with the New ZyPerMX and the ZvMXE.


The ZeeVee ZvMXE is a high performance IP Set Top Box. Simply plug it into your television, connect to the Network, and begin watching television.

Simple deployment and auto-discovery of ZeeVee generated IP feeds makes IP-based video deployment simple and straightforward. An extensible architecture means the ZvMXE platform will be able to evolve and expend the capabilities of your network over time. With ZvMXE, IP deployments are now as simple as RF deployments.