DZS – ETHX-34X4 – Extended-rate SHDSL EFM Ethernet Access Device

  • Automatic load balancing and fail-over on bonded ports for optimum throughput and redundancy
  • Seamless migration from pre-standard Ethernet based SHDSL to full 802.3ah compliance using 2Base-TL and Ethernet OAM.
  • Works with MxK/MALC or IPD 12000E platforms, or in “bookend” configurations.
  • Compatible with all SHDSL network extender products as well as new EFM compliant CPE: Supports Loop Bonding using EFM or pre-standard bonding for maximum deployment flexibility.
  • Hitless adds and drops allow new lines to be added to (or removed from) a bonded group without loss of service.
  • Management options include 802.3ah OAM and CLI


SHDSL Bonded Ethernet Access Device ETHX-3444-EXT-xx, ETHX-3484-EXT-xx

Extended-rate SHDSL EFM (2Base-TL) Ethernet Access Device, with 4 or 8 SHDSL WAN interfaces and 4 Ethernet LAN interfaces

The 4 and 8 port EtherXtend SHDSL Ethernet Access Devices (ETHX-3444 and ETHX-3484, respectively) have been designed to deliver bonded high-speed Ethernet First Mile (EFM) services over SHDSL. The ETHX-34xx combines SHDSL bonding with advanced performance and management features to ensure high reliability, low latency, and maximum throughput.

Zhone’s line of EtherXtend access devices are built for reliability and resiliency: dynamic and proactive performance monitoring ensures the quality of bonded groups; seamless failure recovery and hitless adds and drops ensure maximum uptime; a hardware platform designed for a carrier environment. With application-aware traffic control services and built-in OAM, EtherXtend is able to provide more intelligence to a larger portion of the network than any other CPE, making EtherXtend the leading choice for delivering business-class SLAs over Ethernet.

Supporting Zhone’s own lightweight Ethernet bonding technologies, the EtherXtend is the most flexible Ethernet Access Device available; the EtherXtend device can aggregate into products such as the MxK or MALC multiservice access platforms, Raptor-XP-170’s, other EtherXtend units, or they may also connect into pre-standard Ethernet Loop Bonding products such as Zhone’s 12000E, SIM2000, SuD2000, SMD2000, and SNE2000 series Ethernet Access products. The ETHX-3400 provides 4 or 8 individual single copper pair SHDSL lines, each allowing for data rates up to 12.7 Mbps symmetrical bandwidth per port. The ETHX-3400 supports loop bonding, combining multiple copper pairs together for bandwidths of over 50Mbps (4 ports) or 100Mbps (8 ports) to a single customer.

Product Variations:

Zhone – ETHX-3444-EXT-US – 4 port Extended Rates EFM SHDSL Ethernet Access Device, AC Power (US plug)

Zhone – ETHX-3484-EXT-US – 8 port Extended Rates EFM SHDSL Ethernet Access Device, AC Power (US plug)


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ETHX-3444, ETHX-3484

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