DZS’ MXK intelligent terabit access concentrator reflects a clean-sheet approach to truly scalable multi-service architecture, designed to meet the rapidly evolving demands on access networks. The MXK is a full-featured Multi Service Access Platform enabling service providers to combine data, video and voice in one platform over a pure packet access network. MXK gives carriers the flexibility to cost-effectively deliver triple play services over existing facilities. The POTS line cards for the MXK are high density modules that provide flexible voice over IP capabilities for the MXK 819/823 and MXK 319 Chassis.

The integrated derived POTS lines convert packet voice to PSTN POTS allowing service providers to take advantage of a low-cost packet network and still provide subscribers with traditional POTS service. The card supports packet voice protocols SIP, MGCP, and H.248. For easy migration from TDM voice to packet voice, the MXK can be connected to the MALC Voice Gateway card to provide GR-303 or V5.2 termination with packet voice connection to the POTS card at a remote site.

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