DZS – IMACS 3000 – Integrated Solution for Advanced Voice and Data

  • Over 50 Plug-In Modules for Voice, Data and IP
  • NERC security features
  • MegaSys Telenium management
  • Optical HSU Interface to Protection relays (IEEE C37.94)
  • WAN options: T1/E1 and PWE3
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The concept of Integrated Access began with the introduction of the Integrated Multiple Access Communications Server; Premisys Communications’ revolutionary IMACS. Initially, the IMACS was a vision that brought bandwidth savings for voice and data access. IMACS has not strayed from its vision and has remained the most flexible, robust, and scalable integrated access solution in the telecommunications market today. In fact, DZS has continued to build on the promise to provide the most robust set of voice and data access services and applications on one manageable platform; the IMACS.

The IMACS, with many optional service application modules and five flexible and scalable chassis options, provides an almost limitless combination of services, applications and network interfaces.

The IMACS is unrivaled in its network versatility and supports V.35, V.11/X.21 and up to eight T1/E1 and Fractional T1/E1 WAN interfaces.  An integrated digital cross-connect is available to consolidate multiple voice, data, and T1/E1 services. Five chassis models, IMACS 600, 800, 900, 8000 and the IMACS 3000 differ in their card capacity and card installation options (front, or front and rear).  All models support the same range of modular cards and system redundancy options. All IMACS systems can be fully managed either with local craft interface through a VT100, PC, or through MegaSys Telenium Element Management System using standard SNMP interfaces. The IMACS 3000 has more efficient power supply and ring generator offerings, and the IMACS 200 product is a hardened 2 rack unit product with a fixed form factor.

IMACS also offers a powerful array of integrated network diagnostic and fault isolation capabilities. These include Bit Error Rate Test (BERT), test tone and signaling state generation, digital and analog loopback support, and remote configuration and control. Because IMACS meets stringent standards criteria, including NEBS and CE, it can be deployed almost anywhere in your network.

With over 160,000 systems worldwide, the IMACS is designed to continuously meet the needs of a changing telecommunications landscape. With its advanced modular architecture, voice and data services can be deployed quickly and cost effectively. Applications include: POTS (FXS, FXO, E&M), voice compression (ADPCM), VPN access, Internet access, integrated routing capabilities, voice over Frame Relay, Digital Data Networks (DDN), analog private lines, and numerous others. The IMACS is being used in both public and private, as well as traditional facilities-based and wireless networks.

See the IMACS 8000 – Like the IMACS 3000, but larger capacity and more features.


  • T1 or E1 (Up to 8). IMACS 3000 chassis has six interfaces, the IMACS 200 has four.
  • V.35, RS-530, RS-232, RS-449, RS-422, V.24,
  • DDS, SLC96, 10BaseT
  • Optical HSU (IEEE C37.94)
  • 4-port Optical HSU
  • IPR*4 PPP
  • IPR*4 HDLC
  • PWE3

NERC Security Features:

  • 256 user assignable unique users
  • Each user independently settable r/w privileges
  • 16 different user groups
  • RADIUS authentication
  • SNTP time server
  • Syslog
  • Login logs
  • Change logs

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Other Products from the DZS POTS family of products:


The MXK family includes three fully-integrated form factors:

  • MXK-319 19″ Rack x 3RU, with 7 slots for line cards
  • MXK-819 – 19″ Rack x 8RU, with 14 slots for line cards
  • MXK-823 – 23″ Rack x 8RU, with 18 slots for line cards. The chassis support both front and rear power options and are equipped with a cable management tray, easy fan access, and redundant power feeds.


MXK uplink cards offer a mix of multiple 10G and 1G interfaces to suit a variety of network designs. Several line rate configurations are currently available, including two different variants of 2x10G + 8x1G, as well as 6X1G. These cards provide connection points for common synchronization inputs including SyncE and 1588v2, as well as support for both copper and fiber SFPs, link aggregation, link redundancy, and the EAPS ring interface.


DZS’ SLMS (Single Line Multi-Service) access operating system provides intelligent functionality across all the company’s hardware products. Driven by experience in commercial operation and collaboration with 700+ service providers worldwide, DZS’ SLMS delivers functionality critical to today’s access networks in advanced networking, quality of experience, voice, security, and management.


To maintain tight security in the last mile, the MXK platform mounts considerable defenses, powered by all of DZS’s SLMS security features, including multicast control lists, secure bridging, broadcast suppression, dynamic IP filtering, SSH and SFTP, and RADIUS authentication.


The MXK product line integrates fully into the DZS Management System (ZMS). Using ZMS, thousands of MXK nodes can be managed from remote locations. Customer provisioning, auto discovery, alarm aggregation, and maintenance can easily be performed without any service interruption.


Unlike vendors who have dodged the complexity of the ITU’s G984.4 standard for GPON ONT management, DZS provides a simple and clean interface to a fully standards-compliant OMCI implementation. DZS’s Smart OMCI™ approach allows the MXK OLT to interoperate with any vendor’s ONT, yielding rapid ONT and service extension without OLT software upgrades. With Smart OMCI you can configure, obtain stats and support alarms on any ONT without hassle.


DZS offers a full line of outside cabinets engineered specifically to support MXK platforms. Multiple configurations are available for deployments from small to large scales, with a wide range of powering, protection, and line termination options.

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