Off Air Antennas

Televes antennas are world famous for being very high quality and professional, that’s why we are one of the undisputed leaders worldwide. Our antennas have several unique features:

Award winning quality of construction, with only the best materials such as aluminum and ABS plastic. They are made in an state-of-the-art fully robotized plant that’s the envy of the industry, thoroughly electronically and vibration tested in our own testing labs and quite honestly some of the best aerials you can buy.

Filtering of LTE signals, to avoid cell phone towers or cell phone boosters mess with your TV reception. All of our US models filter out any signals above 698MHz (CH52), which nowadays are used only for LTE transmission (not for TV stations).

BOSS TECH Automatic Gain Control technology that automatically balances the stations received so the antenna delivers an optimum signal to the TV set at all times, regardless of changes in weather, strength of incoming signals, etc.

Compact and easy to handle packaging, but very easy to assemble, with included tools.

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