Televes – 144180 – Diginova Boss Antenna

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  • Specially designed for the reception of the DTV (and ready to reject LTE/4G). The Diginova antenna receives all available digital and HD local programming in your area.
  • 7 element Yagi UHF antenna (directional) with Microstrip1 technology and printed FM / High VHF dipole.
  • BOSS-Tech technology automatically adjusts VHF and UHF gain to deliver optimum signal output levels at all times. Signals pass through when power is not applied (passive mode).
  • Compact, durable and unobstrusive design provides low visual impact. Specially suited for balconies and single-family homes.
  • Kit package including an FM / High VHF / UHF antenna and a 120V~ ±10% indoor power supply.
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Indicated for residential installs (very small and nice looking) where a smaller antenna is desired. UHF and High VHF reception, with long range in UHF (>50 miles), slightly less in VHF (30 miles). Overbuilt for a long life, including a built in clamp that allows you to mount it anywhere. Don’t get fooled by the size, this is a violet in UHF per the CEA color codes.

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