AFL – CON096P – LANSystem Fiber Termination Patch Panels

  • Fits comfortably into new and existing interconnect, cross-connect, customer premise, and co-location environments
  • Various connector styles and types available
  • Compatible with industry standard equipment frames
  • LGX compatible master plate and footprint (130mm)
  • Modular design
  • Provides maximum protection of optical components
  • Utilizes (12) 8-packs
  • Available with I/O loose tube stub


The CON096P Fiber Termination Panel is used where termination and connectivity of up to 96 fibers is desired. The panel design is based on a 4 rack unit height with a master plate to accommodate 12 LGX compatible adapter plates or modules. Standard panels are available
in empty, loaded and preterminated versions. Loaded panels include adapters and adapter plates. Preterminated panels include adapters, adapter plates and standard 96 fiber OFNR cable. The fiber stub for preterminated panels exits the right rear of the unit facing up.

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