AFL – XFM – Xpress Fiber Management Series

  • 12and and 24-port configurations
  • Modular design
  • Single LGX slot packages
  • Standard configurations include SC-MTP and LC-MTP configurations
  • ST, FC, and MT-RJ configurations available on special order
  • Compatible with LanSystem and IBX platforms
  • Available in black with rear MTP connection
  • GR-445B and GR-2866 transitions
  • Multimode and Single-mode versions


AFL Telecommunications XFM Optical Cassette product line is a family of preterminated fiber modules that streamline the deployment of optical network infrastructure with an incremental growth platform. The XFM Optical Cassettes are available in the industry standard LGX footprint with a durable black powder coat finish, and are compatible with all 1U-4U LanSystem platforms. All modules are clearly labeled with an “A” and “B” positioning reference, to ensure proper polarity is maintained in the network.

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