PLP – 8006715 – Armadillo Closure Shell kits

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The ARMADILLO Closure Shell features a universal flange assembly, allowing either pressurization or encapsulated applications in one shell design. The closure also boasts a permanent gasket sealing system that requires no kits upon re-entry as well as a captive fastener system similar to the patented LOCKBAR fastening system used in the ARMADILLO Stainless design. With lightweight plastic shells, the ARMADILLO Closure reduces shipping costs and is easier to handle. Shells also include an area for company identification and description.

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4.0" x 25", 6.5" x 28", 6.5" x 38", 8.0" x 38", 8.0" x 56", 9.5" x 28", 9.5" x 38", 9.5" x 56"

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