Blonder Tongue – FILN-S3A-2050-8 – Multi-Output L-Band Fiber Optic Node, 8 Outputs Single-mode, 950-2050 MHz, 1310 nm, -12 dBm Input, FC/APC Conn.

  • Integrated Fiber L-Band Node and CATV Amplifier for a Complete Single Wire Solution for delivery of both DBS and CATV/PCN within MDU's
  • 60/90 VAC Network Powering or Standard 120 VAC Models
  • High RF Outputs To Support Additional Subscriber Premise Splitting
  • 8, 16 and 24 Output Versions
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The FILN multi-output L-band receiver is a breakthrough in hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) optical node technology. The unit combines the superior distribution attributes of several key functions into a single package. The unit provides L-band DTH signal for up to 24 residential outputs, from one fiber input. There is an LED indicator on the optical input of the unit to indicate proper input level. There is also an LED on the L-band output to indicate the optimum output level. High L-Band signal levels are provided to each output to overcome the loss of long drop lengths and premise splitters required to serve multiple subscriber viewing locations. CATV Network Amplifier Section The unit accommodates a wide range of CATV input levels, making it more forgiving to existing CATV conditions and allowing for greater design flexibility. This is accomplished by the use of plug-in attenuators and equalizers to condition the input signal prior to amplification and splitting. The network amplifier is designed to handle both analog and digital channels in the bandwidth of 54-750 MHz. Additionally, the CATV amplifier has a return bandwidth of 10-40 MHz for compatibility with PPV, VOD, telephone and high speed data CATV services. The FILN multiplexes the bi-directional CATV signals with the satellite signals at each of the either 8,16 or 24 outputs depending on the model deployed, thus creating a “True Single Wire” distribution solution.

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