Blonder Tongue – FOCN-S4A-201 – Fiber Optic Compact Node, 28 dBmv RF Output 1310/1550 nm, 870 MHz, SC/APC Connectors

  • Compact Size
  • 870 MHz Forward Bandwidth, 5-42 MHz Return Bandwidth (on 2-way models)
  • Tri-color LED for Optical Input Status
  • LED Indicator for Return Laser Status
  • 12 VDC Powering Versatility


The FOCN-20X Series is a low-cost, compact 2-way node designed to deliver the full array of CATV services presently available and those planned for the future. These services include video (analog and digital), high speed data and telephony. The FOCN has applications for the direct fiber transmission of CATV RF signals in MDU, industrial, government and educational facilities, or wherever a high performance compact indoor node is required. The unit is constructed with high quality components enabling it to meet or exceed its performance specifications in an uncontrolled indoor environment with wide temperature variations. The FOCN-20X is available in 5 models. All
models have at their core a 1310/1550 nm optical receiver with exceptional optical sensitivity and 28 dBmv at-1 dBm RF output level. The differences between the models pertain to return path operation. Models are available in both 1-way or 2-way configurations. The 2-way models are available with either a FP laser ( 0dBm or 3 dBm / 1310 nm) or with a DFB laser (4.8 dBm / 1310nm or 4 dBm at 1550 nm). All 2-way models have a return RF bandwidth of 5-42 MHz. Other standard features include LEDs for optical input and laser status. Powering is via a 12 VDC supply and can be accomplished in either of two ways. To power locally, a separate power connector marked “+12 VDC power in”, is provided. Alternately, the unit can accept 12 VDC from its RF output connector, thus permitting remote powering by diplexing the 12 VDC supply onto the RF output.

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