Multilink – FT-8D – Fiber Tap

  • O-Ring Sealed design
  • Re-Enterable
  • Universal Base mounts to Wall or Pole, Aerial, and Pedestal
  • Angled Output Adapters, for ease of access to ports
  • Multilink Surelight Adapters
  • Rugged, Hardened input and output ports
  • Up to 8 SC or 16 LC Output connections
  • Can be supplied with a length of feeder cable
  • Available with pre-installed and tested optical splitter
  • Decreased installation and maintenance time, equals savings
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Multilink’s Fiber Tap FT-8D is designed around adaptability to the ever changing Outside Plant (OSP) infrastructure.  Hardened connectors and rubust design withstand  the harsh OSP world, while allowing flexibility per application. FT-8D’s re-enterable design allows for custom field installations of customer input fiber. Predetermined lengths of input fiber can be ordered if required.

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