Blonder Tongue – LNBF-DualR – Dual Low Noise Block Converter Feed Rectangular Channel Mounting

  • Low Noise Figure
  • Low Phase Noise
  • Rectanglar and “D” Shaped Antenna Mounting Models
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The 6455-R and 6455 LNBF’s are dual low noise block downconverters designed to convert DBS band signals into the L-band IF frequency range of 950-1450 MHz. The LNBF receives both right (RHCP) and left (LHCP) hand circularly polarized signals and provides two independent outputs, which can provide either polarity. The desired polarity is selected by providing either 13V or 18V to the output port. In a dual trunk MDU distribution system, the LNBF is powered so that one output provides the LHCP and the other output provides the RHCP. This allows delivery of both polarities throughout the distribution system. The 6455-R LNBF has a rectangular shaped channel, which mounts seamlessly with the 6459-R antenna. The 6455 LNBF has a ‘D’ shaped channel for antennas providing this style of mounting. The 6486 LNBF-FSS-S is a ‘stacked’ low noise block downconverter designed to convert KU-band signals to the L-band frequency ranges of 950-1450 and 1525-2025 MHz. The 6486 LNBF receives both vertical and horizontal linear polarized signals and provides one ‘stacked’ output.

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