DZS -2600 Series – zNID 2600 Series Indoor GPON ONT

  • Standard ITU G.984 GPON
  • Indoor deployment, but temperature-hardened for harsher environments
  • Extended DC Power Range
  • Triple-Play Services – VoIP, IP Video, HS Internet Access
  • VoIP with CLASS 5 Features
  • 802.3at PoE
  • RF Video Output Option
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Zhone’s indoor 2600 Series GPON ONTs are standards-based CPEs designed for advanced triple-play deployments in enterprise and hospitality environments. These indoor models in Zhone’s zNID product line of ONTs provide a lower cost alternative to outdoor ONT solutions while providing unmatched flexibility in deployment.
Especially suited for FiberLAN applications, the 2600 Series GPON ONTs are offered in a variety of models that include an RF Video port,
2 or 4 FXS POTS ports and up to 8 GE LAN ports which can provide PoE power for attached devices such as IP Phones, PTZ cameras, wireless access points, and remote switches. Extended operating temperatures and input voltages allow for creative deployments in areas and applications not possible with other ONTs.
The 2600 Series GPON ONTs provide the same voice features found on the 2400 and 4200 Series ONTs. Both MGCP and SIP are supported for direct connection to a VoIP Softswitch. This flexibility allows the ONTs to work in nearly all Telco networks, with interoperability support for a broad array of Softswitches.
The four or eight GE LAN ports can be separated into different services allowing the configuration of dedicated ports for IP video and data for one or more customers. Unique VLANs may be configured per customer to ensure full isolation of each customer’s data traffic.

The GPON 2600A Series ONTs can be either wall mounted inside the home or placed freestanding on a desktop.

Specifications of the GPON 2600 Series ONTs are listed below:


Model WAN POTS FE GigE GigE (PoE) RF Video HCNA WiFi (b/g/n) WiFi (ac) T1/E1 USB
2608T GPON 8
2624A GPON 2 4
2624P GPON 2 4
2625A GPON 2 4 1
2625P GPON 2 4 1
2628A GPON 2 8
2628P GPON 2 4 4
2628T GPON 2 8
2644A GPON 4 4
2644P GPON 4 4
2645A GPON 4 4 1
2645P GPON 4 4 1
2648A GPON 4 8
2648P GPON 4 4 4
2648T GPON 4 8

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2608T, 2624A, 2624P, 2625A, 2625P, 2628A, 2628P, 2628T, 2644A, 2644P, 2645A, 2645P, 2648A, 2648P, 2648T

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