Gilbert – G-KS-KS-MLKG-T – Rotational Housing to Housing Sealed Locking Adapter

  • O-rings at coupling nut threads to protect against water migration.
  • Domed insulator at “KS” interface prevents moisture from collecting between the center pin and body.
  • Monel mesh gasket for superior RF integrity.
  • Internal locking teeth prevent loosening of coupling nut.
  • Design maintains proper alignment of equipment.
  • Short overall length for use in con ned areas.
  • One piece brass pin with bright acid tin plating.
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This unique housing to housing adapter incorporates additional o-rings for sealing out moisture and a monel mesh gasket for superior RF integrity. A total of five EP o-rings prevent moisture migration at all adapter interfaces. Unlike other housing to housing adapters, this design prevents moisture from entering the coupling nut as well as the connector/equipment interface. Thirty-six locking teeth allow for easy alignment of equipment and prevent loosening of the coupling nut.

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