Gilbert – GTR-KS-M-T – Housing Terminator

  • Body: Brass Alloy C 36000
  • Finish: Bright Acid Tin Plating
  • Frequency: To 1 GHZ
  • One piece body design to eliminate possible ingress/egress of RF
  • Blocks AC Power and terminates RF signals in 75 ohm characteristic impedance
  • Solderless construction
  • Impedance 75 ohm nominal
  • 300 VAC Rating


This Housing Terminator is 75 ohms and terminates both 60 cycle AC and RF signals. Specifically designed with a one piece body, using compatible base materials. This design contains no ferro-magnetic metals which have been known to cause common path distortion. Designed for superior return loss response and elimination of dissimilar metal junctions. The components are environmentally sealed in a one-piece tin-plated brass body to provide years of trouble-free performance, even in the most severe environments.

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