Multicom – M677T-BV-S – SCTE-Compliant RG-6 Tri-Shield Coax Cable

  • Braid: 77% aluminum
  • 18 AWG copper covered
  • Gas expanded polyethylene dielectric
  • 1,000 foot reels
  • Swept to 3,500 MHz
  • Inner shield: AL-PPE-aluminum laminated tape w/overlap bonded to dielectric
  • Outer shield: 34 AWG aluminum braid
  • Tri-shield: Double-side unbonded aluminum foil
  • Jacket: PVC
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SCTE-ISO-ROHS-logosPremium SCTE-Compliant Coaxial Products

Multicom’s new Premium Coaxial product line meets or surpasses the latest SCTE requirements. The products have successfully passed extensive SCTE 15 and 74 evaluation testing in an independent US laboratory. These tests included extended mechanical, electrical, and environmental tests. The new RG-6 M677T-BV-S provides the outstanding performance of a premium SCTE 74 – compliant product, with no compromises, at Multicom’s popular pricing.

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