Multicom – M-FNAP-C – Fiber Optic Access Point (FNAP)

  • Front & rear fiber or splice storage
  • Environmental Seal – Heavy duty latches, hinges, and gaskets
  • Sealed secure access lock
  • Can accommodate Up to two 1:8 or one 1:16 PLC Tube Splitters, SC/UPC and/or SC/APC
  • Back of FNAP provides for multiple mounting configurations
  • 2 In ports, 16 Out ports


The rugged Multicom Fiber Optic Network Access Point (FNAP) Series is designed for flexibility and ease of use when splicing in aerial, pole, or wall mount applications. The FNAP is constructed of a durable and impact-resistant material specifically formulated for reliability and performance in outside plant environments. The FNAP can accommodate express cabling as well as the addition of branch or lateral cabling.

Used as a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable in FTTx communication network, the FNAP supports a variety of drop designs and environmental sealing and strain relief. The enclosure is supplied with all of the hardware required to seal and secure the feeder and distribution cables, back-to-back fiber splice trays, and the desired splitter type and configuration.

The Multicom FNAP can be customized in multiple configurations using these variables, as outlined in the Part# – see the Spec Sheet:

  • CONFIGURATION: A to Z, specific config to each design, including: Cable entrance/exit configuration, Latching/Locking mechanism, Splice trays, IP65/66/68,etc.
  • ENCLOSURE: B/P=Black Plastic, G/P=Gray Plastic, W/P=White Plastic
  • PORTS: 8 or 16, 8/16T for 16 port equipped with 8
  • EQUIPPED: B=Not loaded, or loaded with C= Cassette splitter, T=Tube splitter, P=Pigtails, M=Mating Sleeve
  • CONNECTORS: SC/APC, SC/UPC, LC/APC, LC/UPC, or NA=not applicable, etc.
  • The FNAP comes with mounting accessories for a wall or pole, but if you would like the kit that includes aerial brackets & mounting hardware, this is also an option.

Please Contact Us to talk about your specific configuration requirements.

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