Multicom – MUL-ASF-100 – Analog Satellite Finder

  • No batteries required. By attaching receiver, power is provided for:
    • Easy to read backlit display – day and night use
    • Audible tone – assists in precise adjustments
  • Pocket size and lightweight
  • High sensitivity


The Multicom MUL-ASF-100 Analog Satellite Finder is used to adjust satellite dish position, feedhorn position and polarization to find the strongest satellite strength to your receiver. Handy and reliable, this Signal Finder has a high sensitively to signal reception and works with most satellite bands.


  • Frequency Range: 950-2300MHz
  • Power Input: 13-18VDC
  • Input max: -10dBm
  • Imput level min: -40dBm
  • LNB Gain: 52~60dB

Compatible with:

  • DirecTV
  • Dish Network
  • Sky
  • Free to Air
  • Bell Expressvu
  • and more…
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