Multicom – MUL-MN-V-TR – Optical Micro-Node

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  • The laser control circuit uses advanced circuit design, insuring reliable and stable operation
  • Provides excellent AGC characteristics, when the input optical power range is within -7~+2dBm, the RF output level remains unchanged, CTB and CSO basically remain unchanged
  • Optimized circuit design, SMT production process, optimizing the entire signal path, makes the optical signal transmission more stable, RF linear indicators higher
  • Professional RF attenuator circuit, with good linear attenuation and high precision
  • GaAs amplifier device, with good index, low distortion, and high reliability
  • Aluminum die casting for efficient cooling, and reliable, stable performance
  • Replaces MUL-MN-1000D-5/42


The MUL-MN-V-TR optical receiver is bidirectional equipment that was specially developed for HFC broadband networks, accommodates FTTH (Fiber to the Home) network topology, while addressing the issues of CATV bi-directional return channel noise and high reliability network security transmission requirements of modern CATV networks.

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