Multicom – MUL-UCS-100 – Universal Cable Stripper

  • Light weight and compact
  • Simple and cost-effective to operate
  • Adjustable stripping blade for different network cable insulation thickness prevents damage of shielding and conductors
  • Thumbscrew provides easy adjustments
  • Reversible cassette for multiple types of coaxial cable


The Multicom MUL-UCS-100 is a 5-inch Universal Cable Stripping and Cutting Tool for use with coaxial, round network cable and flat telephone cable. This versatile tool is multiple tools in one. The coaxial cable blade is capable of stripping and making over 5,000 cuts. The second hole will strip round network cable and has a cable blade depth adjustment wheel for precision strips that avoids the conductors. The third hole cuts all types of cable. The fourth hole is designed to strip flat 4P/6P telephone cable.

MUL-UCS-100SC – Replacement Reversable Stripper Cassette for RG-6/-7/-11/-59
MUL-UCS-100RB – Replacement Blades

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