Netceed – MCA-30860R – Forward and Reverse Distribution Amplifier

  • Forward Frequency: 54-860 MHz
  • Reverse Frequency: 5-42MHz
  • Dual output ports featuring both balanced and unbalanced capabilities
  • Forward Gain: 30dB
  • Reverse Gain: 20dB
  • Extremely low distortion and harmonic content
  • Suitable for HDTV, CATV, Off-air analog and digital RF distribution applications
  • Continuously adjustable equalizer and gain control


The Netceed dual output MCA-30860R has been specifically designed for use in multi-dwelling environments such as hospitals, apartment complexes and hotels. This high-gain unit has a bandwidth of 860MHz, allowing effective transmission of large volumes of data within the CATV network. The built-in equalizer and attenuator allow for increased flexibility and easy adjustment of the signal output.

The Netceed MCA-30860R comes with an unbalanced splitter (50/30dBmV output), preinstalled in the unit and a balanced splitter (50/50dBmV output), in the box. Instructions are provided on how to change the splitter as needed.

Open Spec Sheet

Open Netceed User Manual

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