Netceed – MUL-AMOD860-WS – High Bandwidth Agile Modulator

  • SAW filtered for accurate sideband response and high adjacent rejection
  • 60dBmV RF output level, typical
  • 2 Phase lock loop synthesized frequency control
  • Meets FCC Offset and Accuracy Requirement
  • Non-volatile memory maintains channel selection in event of power loss
  • Three-digit green LED display and controls for convenient monitoring and operation
  • Switching power supply for installation flexibility and precise voltage regulation
  • The MUL-AMOD860-WS is designed to fit in a standard 19” rack


The Netceed MUL-AMOD860-WS is a commercial-grade, SAW-filtered, frequency-agile analog modulator that offers the same high quality as fixed analog modulators but with the freedom and flexibility of changing the output channel from CH 2 through 135. It provides system operators the engineering ease and flexibility required with new headend deployments, upgrades, and system maintenance.

The modulator is used to convert a single AV input from any of a variety of sources into an RF output. The Netceed MUL-AMOD860-WS is flexible, user-friendly, and easy to use for both Residential and Commercial applications. The engineers behind the technology of this modulator made sure that the design will perform with long-term stable operation, reliability, and high-quality video output. The modulator can be used for A/V sources such as Satellite Receivers, DVD players, Digital Signage Media Players, Security Cameras, computers, and more.

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