Multicom – MUL-HDENC-C-200 – HD Digital Encoder – Deluxe

  • HDMI, component, and composite input, RF QAM, ATSC, ISDB-T, and DVB-T user selectable output
  • Closed captioning on ATSC and QAM
  • Adjustable Attenuation
  • Video resolution up to 1080p
  • Perfect, clean, and clear picture on high motion video, sports, text crawls/rolls, etc.
  • GUI Supported on most browsers and front panel LCD for easy setup
  • Cool and silent operation


Multicom’s MUL-HDENC-C-200 delivers crystal-clear digital HD video distribution over your existing coax cabling from your HDMI, component, and composite video sources. User may select output as QAM, ATSC, ISDB-T, or DVB-T. This single channel QAM, MPEG2, Encoder/Modulator unit allows you to easily distribute customized SD and Full HDTV content, up to 1080p resolution, on any of 134 channels – to an unlimited number of displays, using the TV’s built in tuner, eliminating the need for
cumbersome, expensive set-top-boxes or media players at each display.

This Encoder/Modulator is perfect for multi-video distribution in the commercial and institutional markets, and existing networks can easily and inexpensively include Full HDTV content. Regardless if you are moving HD content around a hotel, sports bar, senior living facility, convention center, student-housing complex, apartment building, stadium, or arena, the compact and economical Multicom MUL-HDENC-C-200 HD Digital Encoder has the powerful features you need.

Perfect for:

  • Resorts
  • RV parks
  • Student housing
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Business and university campuses
  • Digital signage
  • MDUs
  • Sports bars
  • Fitness/Health clubs
  • Home entertainment systems – and more

Possible A/V sources include:

  • Media players
  • DVD/Blu-ray players
  • Security cameras
  • Computers – and more

For easy of configuration and adjustments, the Multicom HD Digital Encoder Deluxe can be conveniently managed either locally through the LCD screen on the front panel or remotely using the intuitive web based, management system.

Another option, the Multicom MUL-HDENC-C-100 – HD Digital Encoder

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