Multicom – MUL-HDENC-SHELFKIT-1 – HD Digital Encoder Shelf Kit

  • Includes everything needed for mounting in a 19″ rack including screws, washers and Velcro strips
  • Capable of holding:
    • 2 MUL-HDENC-C-100s or
    • 1 MUL-HDENC-C-100 and 1 MUL-HDENC-C-200


The all-inclusive Multicom MUL-HDENC-SHELFKIT-1 is used for rack-mounting Multicom Encoders into a 19” rack. The kit includes one 1RU Shelf and all of the screws, washers and Velcro strips necessary for mounting.

Two Multicom MUL-HDENC-C-100 HD Digital Encoders will fit on the shelf, or one MUL-HDENC-C-100 and one MULHDENC-C-200 HD Digital Encoder Deluxe.

*Product image does not include the MUL-HDENC-C-100


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