OFS – Fortex – Light Armor Fiber Optic Cable (1-288 Count)

  • Totally dry, gel-free cable design for cleaner, faster installations
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Highly durable and reliable for underground duct and lashed aerial installations (including duct-to-lashed aerial) as well as general OSP installations, including direct buried in harsh environments
  • PE coated ECCS armor offers additional crush resistance and protection from rodent attack
  • Smaller, more fl exible buffer tubes for easier installation and routing
  • Fiber counts to 288
  • RDUP (formerly RUS) listed and compliant with ANSI/ICEA, Telcordia, and IEC specifi cations for reliable performance
  • Available with OFS AllWave® Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Single-Mode, TrueWave® RS LWP Single-Mode, and Multimode Fibers.
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The OFS Fortex™ DT Light Armor Loose Tube Cable delivers the rugged durability and reliability essential for outside plant (OSP) use in an innovative, completely dry cable design. To construct this cable, the optical fibers are placed in space-efficient, 2.5 mm buffer tubes that contain a specially-
engineered, super-absorbent yarn that delivers water blocking “on demand”. The color-coded buffer tubes are then stranded around a dielectric central member using the reverse oscillating lay (ROL) stranding technique for easy, mid-span fiber access. Additional dry, super-absorbent material is applied to the cable core for exceptional water-blocking performance and faster cable preparation. Dielectric strength elements and a layer of corrugated electrolytically chrome-coated steel (ECCS) armor are applied lengthwise over the cable core to provide rugged durability. Finally, a ripcord and a durable polyethylene (PE) jacket are added to complete the cable construction.

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