PLP – 8006654 – Splice Case for OPGW & ADSS

  • For either ADSS or OPGW
  • Impact and corrosion resistant stainless steel shells.
  • LOCKBAR Sealing System allows re-entry without re-entry kits/supplies.
  • High cable pull-out strength with LOCK-TAPE Sealant System.
  • Fiber management system for loose tube buffer offered below. Other versions are readily available.
  • 6.5” x 28” standard size (other sizes available for up to 648 splices).


The enhanced COYOTE Splice Case with stainless steel shells now features the convenient COYOTE Fiber Management System found in the COYOTE Closure. The COYOTE Splice Case maintains the same air and watertight seal of our FIBERLIGN Stainless Steel Splice Case, but at less cost. For further information about the FIBERLIGN Stainless Steel Splice Case check with our customer service department.

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