Olson Technology – LCM-500-550 – Frequency Agile TV Modulator

  • Cost effective agility
  • Front panel channel selection to 550MHz
  • Saw filtering for ultimate in adjacent channel preformance
  • High level (+60dBmV) output
  • High carrier to noise ratio (>80dB)
  • 60dB spurious free dynamic range
  • Composite IF loop
  • BTSC stereo compatible
  • Low power consumption for reliable long term performance
  • Available in PAL standards


The LCM-500-550 agile modulator series is a cost effective, SAW filtered unit that will fit most modulator applications. The LCM-500-550 provides high level output on any channel from channel 2 (55.25MHz) to channel PPP (547.25MHz). Channels are selectable by front panel DIP switch and all F.C.C. offsets are tunable by front panel adjustment. Features such as high (>80dB) out-of-band carrier to noise ratio, which allows unlimited numbers of LCM-500-550 modulators to be combined without the need for external bandpass filters, 60dB spurious free dynamic range and a maximum power requirement of only 14 watts, all combine to make the LCM-500-550 not only a high performance modulator, but a highly reliable one as well.

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