Olson Technology – OTPN-3000 – Small Battery-Powered Full-Featured CATV Node with a Built-In 3 Wavelength Optic Power Meter

  • Built-In 3-wavelength digital optical power meter with selectable wavelength of 1310nm, 1490 or 1550nm with a usable optical power range from +5dBm to -25dBm.
  • Built-In battery status indicator indicates 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% capacity remaining.
  • CATV Receiver 50 to 870MHz forward bandwidth accommodates up to 110 channels.
  • Digitally adjustable built-in RF attenuator and equalizer settings allow for accurate adjustment of parameters via front panel buttons and the LCD screen.
  • SC/APC optical connector standard. FC/APC option available.


The Olson OTPN-3000 Precision Optic Node provides CATV headend operators with a unique node with an extensive array of features, small size and low-cost. The OTPN-3000 includes a high-performance 1550nm CATV receiver, a precision 3-wavelength (1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm) optical power meter and battery power good for four hours of operation. The OTPN-3000 CATV receiver is fully compatible with all 1550nm forward path transmitters. The OTPN-3000 provides an output of +38 dBmV of RF over the entire optical input range, allowing multiple RF splits without the use of an external RF amplifier. The Precision Optic Node is unique because it operates over a ultra-wide optical input range of 8dBm to +4.5dBm without degrading performance.

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