Pico Digital – IPQC- GbE IP-Input Mux Scrambler Edge QAM

  • Input
    • 2x Gigabit Ethernet and one 10/100 Management interface
    • Up to 36 Input Single Program MPEG-TS streams (SPTS) or 12 Multiple Program MPEG-TS streams (MPTS)
    • Support for both multicast and unicast IP stream
  • Processing
    • Automatic MPEG-PCR re-generation for all SPTS
    • PID re-mapping for conflict avoidance
    • TSID / Program number configuration for PAT/PMT generation
    • Bypass for external DVB-SI stream inclusion (takes one service per QAM channel)
    • Password protected simple web interface for easy configuration and monitoring
    • Front Panel IP configuration and fault reporting for easy configuration and maintenance
    • Supports DHCP for automatic IP address acquisition
    • Supports DVB-SDT [actual] local generation when there is no external DVB-SI streamer
  • Outputs
    • 12x high quality QAM channels in Annex A/B (ITU-A, ITU-B)
    • 3x independently tunable blocks of 4 contiguous QAM channels
    • 50MHz to 1002MHz frequency range
    • 6MHz or 8MHz channel size


The IPQC is a highly integrated 1RU video edgeQAM which can multiplex and scramble IP video signals and convert
them to QAM/DVB-C channels for use in CATV systems including the Pico Digital Condor CATV system.

The IPQC has a flexible design allowing various applications. For a DVB-C/QAM/Condor CATV system, it can take 36
single program transport streams (SPTS) via the Gigabit Ethernet port and combines these with external DVB-SI streams
to create a full DVB-C compliant network with up to 12 QAM channels of either Annex A or Annex B.
Each of these services can be scrambled using the DVB-CSA through the standard SymulCrypt interface with a conditional
access server.

The high quality QAM output of the edgeQAM is organized into 3 independent blocks of 4 contiguous channels which can
be placed anywhere in the extended CATV range of 50MHz to 1002MHz.

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