PLP – 8003514 – Armadillo Sealing Washer End Plates


With the introduction of the ARMADILLO Series comes a new end plate design. The ARMADILLO Sealing Washer End Plate eliminates major tooling costs, field drilling and extensive personnel training. The ARMADILLO Sealing Washer End Plate does not have any exposed fastener hardware, offers grounding through the end plate and utilizes the torque bar for end plate positioning. When selecting an end plate, the ARMADILLO Sealing Washer End Plate may be used for most OSP applications that do not require more than one, two or three cable entry ports. End plates feature a fixed number of entry ports that do not require a power source or major tooling for field drilling and are designed to maintain 10 psi. This design also utilizes Mastic sealing tapes that do not require the use of C-Cement and allow the end plates to be re-used.

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