Multilink – 2000-SSTA – Startfighter™ Fiber Optic Splice Tray

  • Provides protection and organization of fiber splices
  • Adhesive backed fiber insert holders and assorted cable ties included
  • 24 Single fusion splice capacity
  • 16 Mechanical splice capacity


The Multilink Starfighter 2000-SSTA Single-Fusion Optical Fiber Splice Tray is designed to safely route and store optical fiber and associated splices. The tray is fully compliant to industry specification Telecordia GR-769, Splice Organizer Assemblies for Optical Fibers. The 2000 series splice tray is designed to be installed into the Multilink FDUs or in the Multilink 2000 Series Optical Fiber Splice Closure. The tray is one of a family of units that support fiber splicing. Black, Aluminum.

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