PLP – 8006443 – FIBERLINE Uni-Closure


The FIBERLIGN UNI-CLOSURE provides an airtight, watertight system that is designed to protect, store, route and organize fibers from unitube or buffer tube cables in any environment. Whether you are splicing cable above or below ground, the FIBERLIGN UNICLOSURE is designed to provide an airtight seal in wet, dry, cold or hot weather. Available in three sizes, 6.5” x 28” (165 x 711 mm), 8.0” x 28” (203 x 711 mm), and 9.5” x 28” (241 x 711 mm), the FIBERLIGN UNI-CLOSURE accommodates 8-16 splice trays (see Splice Tray Capacity chart), each of which protects, secures, and organizes up to 12 or 18 fiber splices. Splice Trays are also available for protected mass fusion splices, and mass mechanical connectors. The transition tray allows you to store excess fiber for easy fiber count changes in the future.

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