Prysmian – WXADSS-S100-XXF-G652D – ADSS Single Jacket, 100M span

  • Central strength member (CSM): glass fiber reinforced plastic material (FRP) with PE coating
  • Tube: thermoplastic material, containing up to 12 optical fibers and filled with a suitable water-tightness compound
  • Stranding: the required number of elements (tubes or fillers) are SZ stranded around the central strength member
  • Core Wrapping: water-blocking tape & yarns (dry core)
  • Peripheral reinforcement: aramid yarns
  • Outer Sheath: HDPE. 1 ripcord beneath
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Prysmian’s ADSS Single Jacket cable provides reliable self-support performance. Each ADSS cable is custom engineered for each application based on its full weather load, ensuring safe, reliable lifetime performance. Flexible buffer tubes enable ease of mid-entry, preparation, and routing in splice closures. These cables uniquely combine flexible buffer tubes and swellable water-blocking to make ezSPAN the easiest ADSS cable to prep and access.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy Cable Entry and Preparation
    • 12 fibers per tube construction up to 144 fiber designs allow easy termination and mid-span fiber access
    • Flexible buffer tubes and single jacket option enhance mid-entry
    • Ripcord speeds cable entry and outer jacket removal
    • Swellable binders speed cable preparation
  • Flexible Routing and Termination
    • Flexible buffer tubes simplify routing, storage and prep
    • Available with G657.A1 and G657.A2 bend-insensitive single-mode fiber
  • Versatile Installation and Use
    • Tailored designs span distances up to 1200’ (305m) without interrupting power
    • Easy mid-entry is ideal for FTTx distribution applications
    • Matching pole attachment hardware (dead-ends, suspension clamps)
  • Reliable Lifetime Performance
    • Custom-engineered for operation under full load
    • Guaranteed standards-based performance


Additional information

# of Fibers

6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 144

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