Multicom – MADSS-144M-D – 144 Fiber, Aerial Self-Supported Fiber Optic Cable

  • Loose tube
  • Singlemode
  • Fiber counts from 12 to 288 available
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and install
  • On 5,000 meter reels
  • Small cable diameter and bend radius


Multicom’s ADSS cables feature a dry core design and the high-tension strength capability required for installation in the toughest environmental and electrical conditions.

We stock a wide variety of All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) Aerial Cable to meet the demanding needs of any transmission and distribution environment. This high-capacity cable offers great flexibility for placement on overhead transmission towers, eliminating the need for a support messenger.

100 and 200 Meter Span

• Proven all-dielectric loose tube construction
• Immune to electromagnetic fields
• Fast, one-step installation
• Integrated FRP strength elements
• Round cable profiles minimize wind and ice loading



• Eliminates the need for expensive cable shielding and grounding
• Uses simple attachment hardware (no pre-installed messenger)
• Outstanding cable performance and stability

400 Meter Span

Open 100 and 200 Meter Span Spec Sheet

Open 400 Meter Span Spec Sheet

Open 350′ Span Spec Sheet

Open 600′ Span Spec Sheet

Open 350′ Span Ficha Tecnica

Open 600′ Span Ficha Tecnica


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