Prysmian – WXADSS-S500-XX-DKACKET – ADSS Double Jacket, 500M span, G652D

  • Central strength member (CSM): glass fiber reinforced plastic material (FRP) with PE coating
  • Tube: thermoplastic material, containing up to 12 optical fibers and filled with a suitable water-tightness compound
  • Stranding: the required number of elements (tubes or fillers) are SZ stranded around the central strength member
  • Core Wrapping: water-blocking tape & yarns (dry core)
  • Peripheral reinforcement: aramid yarns
  • Outer Sheath: HDPE. 1 ripcord beneath
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Prysmian’s Outdoor Loose Tube cable designs provide a robust network solution for aerial and underground applications. These cables address longevity in environments that expose components to chemicals such as jet fuel and rodents and marries Prysmian’s proven loose tube construction with upgraded design elements to create a rugged cable for Specialty applications. These cables utilize flexible gel-filled buffer tubes with Prysmian’s extensive portfolio of singlemode and multimode optical fibers to meet the performance needs of non-traditional installations.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy Cable Entry and Preparation
    • 12 fibers per tube construction up to 144 fiber designs allow easy termination and mid-span fiber access
    • Flexible buffer tubes and single jacket option enhance mid-entry
    • Ripcord speeds cable entry and outer jacket removal
    • Swellable binders speed cable preparation
  • Flexible Routing and Termination
    • Flexible buffer tubes simplify routing, storage and prep
    • Available with G657.A1 and G657.A2 bend-insensitive single-mode fiber
  • Versatile Installation and Use
    • Tailored designs span distances up to 1200’ (305m) without interrupting power
    • Easy mid-entry is ideal for FTTx distribution applications
    • Matching pole attachment hardware (dead-ends, suspension clamps)
  • Reliable Lifetime Performance
    • Custom-engineered for operation under full load
    • Guaranteed standards-based performance
    • Compliant “Type B” as defined by FAA specification, FAA-E-2761c
    • Flexible kink-resistant buffer tubes for routing and storage

Additional information

# of Fibers

6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 144

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