SEALPIC–84 Interconnect Cable

  • CONDUCTORS: Solid annealed copper in 19, 22, 24 and 26 AWG
  • INSULATION: Conductors are insulated with solid polyolefin, color coded in accordance with industry standards.
  • TWISTED PAIRS: Individual insulated conductors are twisted into pairs with varying lay lengths to minimize  crosstalk and specific color combinations to provide pair identification.
  • CORE ASSEMBLY: Cables of 25 pairs or less are assembled into a cylindrical core. Cables larger than 25 pairs are assembled into units, which are then used to assemble the core. Units are individually identifiable by color coded
    unit binders.
  • CORE WRAP: A non-hygroscopic, dielectric tape is applied over the core assembly to provide thermal protection for the core.
  • SHIELDING: A corrugated, copolymer coated, 8-mil aluminum tape is applied longitudinally with an overlap.
  • SUPPORT MEMBER: A 1/4 inch, 7-strand Extra High Strength (EHS) galvanized steel messenger serves as the support member and is an integral part of the sheath. The messenger is flooded to inhibit corrosion.
  • JACKET: A black, linear low-density polyethylene jacket is applied overall. The jacket provides a tough protective covering designed to withstand exposure to direct sunlight, atmospheric temperature changes and stresses expected in standard installations.
  • JACKET MARKINGS: Information such as manufacturer’s identification, pair count, AWG, product identification, sequential footage and a telephone handset is printed at 2 ft. intervals on the cable jacket.


SEALPIC-84 cables are designed for aerial installations. The core and support member (messenger) lay parallel to each other forming a cross-sectional “figure 8”. The messenger is an integral part of the cable sheath, yet readily available for gripping, pulling and tensioning. Installation is fast and easy using standard methods and hardware.

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