Sonora – PAL20-T – Automatic Gain DBS 950 to 2150 MHz Amplifier, -20 dBm Output, with 20v Power Supply – Discontinued

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the PAL1510T.
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The DBS signal from a single dish is needed in multiple or distant locations and a constant known output level is required.

Model PAL20-T powers a DBS dish, amplifies the DBS signals, pre-emphasizes high frequencies to compensate for cable slope and automatically adjusts signal output level for -20 dBm per transponder (for 32 equal amplitude input transponders).

Model PAL20-T has a frequency range which supports DISH network and DIRECTV Phase III, (3 LNB) systems. Use model LA142a or PAL20a for amplifying DIRECTV SlimLine (5 LNB) systems.

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