You’ve probably read a lot of information about the benefits Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service and why businesses should make the switch from traditional phone service. Unfortunately, most of this information while informative and interesting, don’t always make for a strong business case – especially if you have to present this business case to your partners, managers, or executive team.

Just the Facts, Please… We understand that. So, Mconnect, a Multicom company, has compiled a list of some of the most compelling cold, hard facts – that you can use to build your business case for VoIP.

VoIP Cost Savings

  1. Dell used its mobile workforce to save $39.5 million and cut carbon pollution via telecommuting.
  2. Businesses see average savings of between 50 percent and 75 percent after switching to VoIP.
  3. Small businesses who move to VoIP can lower the cost of their local calls by up to 40 percent.
  4. Integrated voice and Web conferencing can result in a 30 percent reduction in conferencing expenses.
  5. Approximately 31 percent of all businesses use VoIP systems due to its productivity-boosting and cost-saving features. The reduced communication expenses and logistical benefits help companies gain a competitive edge over businesses that remain on the PSTN.
  6. Switching to VoIP can save small businesses as much as 45 percent each month over traditional phone service.
  7. Soft phones resulted in average savings of $1,727 per month in cell phone and long distance charges.