DZS also offers a Wireless Access Point/Repeater and an ACS software suite, DZS-CONNECTION, which provides more than auto-configuration.

The DZS-CONNECTION suite is completely configurable and hardware neutral, enables building, monitoring and troubleshooting a wireless ecosystem in the home or office to support IoT devices, simplifying the effort and reducing the time to extend Whole Home WiFI services while providing freedom of choice without vendor lock-in.


  • Dual band WiFi Repeater
  • 11AC/N, 4X4 5GHZ, 2X2 2.4GHZ, 1 RJ45 GE WAN, 4 RJ45 FE LAN

The MESH-2100 is the ideal solution for building a carrier-class WiFi Network for home users. It allows the end user or the installer to build a WiFi ecosystem at the customer house that is simple to install and maximizes the quality of WiFi experience for the network users (implementing device steering and roaming).

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  • CONNECT-ACS – An ultra-modern and open auto configuration server based on the Broadband Forum technical specification TR-069 standard
  • CONNECT-DA – Supports cloud based analytics This analytic engine runs in the cloud and its main goal is to aid with trend analysis by mining data gathered from the network
  • CONNECT-API – An open RESTful API for customization and quick resolution of future issues.
Learn more about the DZS CONNECTION Suite Learn more about the DZS CONNECTION Suite and FCC Compliance

DZS offers a wide range of GPON Products and Solutions for GPON Networks ranging from OLTs that serve many thousands of customers, to WiFi enabled ONTs that reside at the residential user’s home.

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GPON Network Components - Features & Advantages

A single fiber from the OLT can deliver video, data and voice signals to hundreds of end users, and understanding a GPON Network is easier than you think. Take a closer look at how a GPON OLT device deployed in a typical GPON network delivers services to end users by way of a GPON ONT installed inside the home.

GPON Network Components

The Need for Speed: Migrating your GPON Network to XGS-PON

Today bandwidth scalability from GPON (2.5 Gigabit downstream/1 Gigabit upstream) to XGS-PON (10 Gbps upstream and downstream) and even NGPON2 (40 Gbps upstream and downstream) services is a key driver when selecting GPON OLT and ONT products which not only future proof your investment, but provide a quick ROI.

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DZS's MXK-F Series of GPON OLTs

DZS’ OLTs, offer un-paralleled investment protection for Service Providers: ILEC, CLEC, ISPs, Electric Cooperatives, Municipalities, WISPs, and MDUs (Apt, Condo) who offers GPON, XGS-PON, and high capacity Active Ethernet Services simultaneously, providing Data, Video, and Voice Internet services to up to 32,000 residential and business customers.

MXK-F Series of GPON OLTs

DZS's ZNID Series of GPON ONTs

DZS offers the largest ONT Portfolio for GPON or Active Ethernet Gigabit Broadband Internet offerings. When terminating that Single Mode Fiber at the home you need flexibility when selecting an ONT to support your Data, Video, Voice, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) Devices.

ZNID Series of GPON ONTs

DZS also offers a Wireless Access Point/Repeater and an ACS software suite

Whole Home WiFi / CONNECT