Orlando, FL – February 2014  – Multicom is proud to announce that it is showcasing its new, premium SCTE-compliant Coaxial products, the new Pico Digital Headend Solution, and Multicom’s fiber optic product line at AndinaLink 2014 in Cartagena, Colombia, February 25-27, 2014.

Premium SCTE-compliant Coaxial Products

Multicom’s new Premium Coaxial product line meets or surpasses the latest SCTE requirements.  The products have successfully passed extensive SCTE 15 and 74 evaluation testing in an independent US laboratory.  These tests included extended mechanical, electrical, and environmental tests.  The new RG-6 M660T-BVS provides the outstanding performance of a premium SCTE 74 – compliant product, with no compromises, at Multicom’s popular pricing.  The new .500 trunk cable M500-JCAM109-S provides the exceptional performance of premium SCTE 15 – compliant product also at Multicom’s popular pricing.

Multicom is also in the process of launching its innovative new salt-spray-humidity-resistant product line for coastal and island networks.

Digital Headend Solution

Multicom is introducing the new Pico Digital Headend Solution.  The solution includes everything needed to deploy a state-of-the-art digital network solution, including:  high quality dense encoder modulation system, standard definition encoder/QAM, CAS system, and CATV SD/HD MPEG2/4 set top boxes.

The Pico Digital headend solution features high density packaging, software upgradability for future proof feature upgrades, HD encoder offering simultaneous QAM and IP output, and remotely controlled access and monitoring,

Fiber Optic Products

The feature-rich, value-priced Multicom brand fiber optic product line includes 1310 and 1550nm optical transmitters, 1550nm EDFAs, optical receivers, Micro-Nodes, WDMs and a variety of passives, splitters, interconnect patch panels, and Multicom fiberoptic cable.

Established in 1982 and headquartered in Orlando, FL, Multicom maintains sales offices, rep agencies and sub-distributors throughout North and Latin America. Multicom stocks over 13,000 products from more than 270 of the world’s major manufacturers which are used to acquire, process, and distribute audio, video, data, energy, and traffic control signals over fiber optic, copper, and coax cable. Its affiliate company, Mconnect, Inc. provides Next Level VoIP residential and business telephone services through resellers and cable operators.

For more information, visit Multicom at AndinaLink 2014, or call 1-800-423-2594, e-mail to multicom@multicominc.com or visit www.multicominc.com