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The New Multicom Fusion Splicer

Multicom’s New Fusion Splicer is Ultra-Fast, Field-Tough and Goes Wherever You Go

The Multicom MUL-FSPLICE-200 Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer is compact in size, lightweight, and is ideal to work just about anywhere, including harsh outdoor environments and remote worksites.

  • FAST 7 Second Splicing (optional)
  • ULTRA-FAST 9 Second Heat Shrinking (optional)
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Quick-change Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Drop/Impact, Dirt/Dust and Water Resistant

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Multicom has added many New Products to its Family of Next-Gen Fiber Optics including a Wide Variety of Fiber Optic Tools & Test Equipment


Multicom – Your Full Solutions Provider for FTTH Products & Services is Now Offering FTTH Starter Kits for GPON

It’s been three decades in the making, but Fiber To The Home (FTTH), has finally fully arrived and is transforming the communication environment worldwide. FTTH represents the most radical upgrade to the access network since the deployment of the cellular infrastructure in the 1980s and 90s. Like cellular, FTTH is having a deep impact on the entire supply chain, including technology vendors and network operators.

We have heard from many of our customers that they are looking for an easy-to-deploy, all inclusive FTTH package that includes hardware, software, support and warranty.

Together with Dasan Zhone, Multicom has come up with an FTTH Solution that fits nearly every network environment and budget – FTTH Starter Kits.

Each of the four Kits:

  • Serves 10 homes initially
  • Growth up to 256 homes
  • Complete with a 1RU GPON OLT, ONTs, Software, Remote training and Extended support
  • There are 4 Kit Options:
    • KIT 1: Base Package includes ONT (4 GE, 4 POTS)
      • This is NCTC Item Code: 138197
    • KIT 2: Base Package includes ONT (4 GE, 4 POTS) + RF
      • This is NCTC Item Code: 138199
    • KIT 3: Base Package includes ONT (4 GE, 4 POTS) + WiFi
      • This is NCTC Item Code: 138198
    • KIT 4: Base Package includes ONT (4 GE, 4 POTS) + RF & WiFi
      • This is NCTC Item Code: 138200
All Kits Include: Description KIT 1
XP-AC-SUPPLY Power Supply
ZMS-VA-5000 Software
SVC-MAINT Warranty
SVC-REMOTE Extended Support for
Training & Installation
ONTs – Each Kit includes a different ONT
ZNID-GPON-2424A1-NA ONT – 4 GigE and 2 POTS      
ZNID-GPON-2425-NA ONT – 4 GigE and 2 POTS –
Plus RF
ZNID-GPON-2726-A1–NA ONT – 4 GigE and 2 POTS –
Plus WiFi
ZNID-GPON-2427A-NA ONT – 4 GigE and 2 POTS –
Plus RF & WiFi

To learn more about the FTTH Starter Kits, check our NCTC Catalog!

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Multicom has added many New Products to its Family of Next-Gen Fiber Optics including a Wide Variety of Fiber Optic Tools & Test Equipment

Check out the Dasan Zhone Solutions Products on the Multicom NCTC Webpage

Multicom’s New Products are Leading the Way

‘Cost-Effective Quality’ is the buzz-word these days and this is what Multicom’s new line of fiber optic products deliver.

For a comprehensive look at all of our fiber optic, CATV and network offerings:

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See the Newest Members to the Multicom Family of Products:
Fiber Optic Tools & Test Equipment

Next Gen Fiber Optic Products – Multicom is announcing extraordinary promotional NCTC Member pricing for its next generation Fiber Optic Actives and Passives with details on the NCTC Member website and at the show. Multicom is also announcing a whole new multimode fiber optic based product line, including installation and instrumentation products: Multicom automated Fusion Splicer, OTDR, new line of Tools and Test Equipment including Fiber Optic Cleavers, Power Meters and Visual Fault Locators, and more – available now.

Read More about the Next Gen Fiber Optic Product Line

See our Full Line of Fiber Optic Products and Accessories
Read more about the Multicom Next Gen Fiber Optic Product Line here


Multicom’s Fiber Optic Passive Line has Increased – and Our Prices have Decreased!

Multicom is known for being a pace-setter. This year we introduced our latest fiber optic passives line which sets a new standard for quality and price. No more sourcing products from multiple vendors when everything you need is under one roof! In addition, our system engineers and product specialists are at your service. Take advantage of the experience and expertise we have gained by being an industry leader for 30+ years.

See the Multicom Fiber Optic Corning Fiber-Based Passives Here

Cost-Effective Fiber Patch Panels From Multicom

FOAP-6-SM-S-SC_APCMulticom is now stocking a full line of fiber optic patch enclosures and LGX style adapter panels. Adapter panels are available in all popular connectors in either simplex or duplex. Patch and adapter panels are manufactured with 18-gauge cold rolled, with electrostatic polyester powder coated steel construction for excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

This new line complements Multicom’s existing line of fiber optic passives including splitters (Rack Mount, LGX, Box and Tube), 1-144 count fiber, WDM, jumpers, pigtails, mating sleeves, and attenuators. Additionally Multicom has a complete line of active fiber optic products including 1310/1550 Transmitters, EDFA’s, return path receivers, nodes, and more.

Multicom’s GPON Solution


Multicom Stocks the products needed to successfully implement HDTV, High Speed Internet, Phone Service and WiFi Connectivity over a GPON Network. Multicom makes it easy…

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Multicom’s HFC Solution


Add to, manage and expand your Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial cable network to get more value from existing bandwidth and rapidly deploy next-generation cable services. Let us show you how…

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Multicom’s RFoG Solution


Deliver up/downstream voice, video, and data services over a fiber-based network residing alongside an existing HFC network – with minimal changes to headend and field equipment

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