ADC - Advanced Digital Cable

ADC-Logo-webAdvanced Digital Cable Inc. is a manufacturer of Coaxial, Electronic, Industrial and IMSA Traffic Signal cables. ADC’s level of quality has consistently met the stringent standards of some of the biggest names in the industry.

  • Electronic: low voltage signal, fire, security, coaxial
  • Industrial: tray, control, AC power
  • Traffic: IMSA, signal, loop, lead-in, detection, video

Popular products include:
XHHW, THW, THHN, THW-2, IMSA 19-1, IMSA 20-1, IMSA 51-3, IMSA 51-5, IMSA 51-7, IMSA 50-2, video detection: 9928, 9928F, 99163SFX, 9915, AST-6603TC, AST-1803, 2062PE

LEARN MORE about the THHN / THWN / THWN-2 Series.
Ever wonder what the difference is between THHN / THWN / THWN-2 and XHHW / XHHW-2? Here’s your answer…

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