GPON Economy

The DZS GPON OLTs and ONTs go head to head with the competition. Compare quality and price, product specifications and value – and see for yourself.


V8106 is a full-size-OLT for pure FTTH operation. Network operators can connect up to 12,288 residential and business subscribers with up to 96 GPON or 48 XGS-PON ports at a 1:128 split ratio. It provides excellent scalability and line rate performance with up to 1,360 Gbps layer-3 nonblocking switch fabric.
V8102 is a mid-size OLT for small and medium sized networks. It provides connection of up to 4,096 subscribers with 32 GPON ports (split ratio 1:128) with a 2x 320 Gbps non-blocking switch fabric.
V5808 and V5816 are compact mini GPON OLTs, providing 8 respectively 16 GPON ports. They enable network operators to provide optical fibre based broadband services also in low density areas with a minimum of investment.


H660GM is a compact GPON ONT that provides highly reliable residential and business services in PON networks. The ONT is ideal for all applications that require POTS and a multitude of Ethernet interfaces for high-speed Internet.
H660GW optical network terminal is targeted for all subscribers requiring multiple POTS and high-speed data interfaces in a cost-effective indoor housing.
H665 is a compact, highspeed GPON network termination that provides subscriber interfaces in GPON networks for residential and business customers.

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