• Complete GPON ONT functoinality in a compact SFP package
  •  ITU-T G.984.x compliant GPON ONT
  • Data rate of 1.244Gbps/2.488Gbps (US/DS)
  • Managed by OLT over GPON via G.988 OMCI channel
  • Supports many new applications, including FTTx and mobile/pico backhaul services
  • No separate power supply and cables
  • Low power consumption
  • Designed to interoperate with other L2/L3 switch with SFP type uplink port


The H650SFP is an SFP stick type Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON), which is an ultra small GPON ONT like SFP module. GPON Stick is a product that is installed and detached like a FTTx or wireless backhaul application with small size and low power consumption.

The H650SFP is directly attached to a standard SFP uplink port on an L2 / L3 switch or CPE, providing a single fiber with 1.244 Gbps upstream and 2.488 Gbps downstream data services.It can be easily installed in any standard Ethernet SFP switch port and converted to GPON ONT port in existing GPON network to provide GPON network configuration function.

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