• GPON ONT for Bridging Applications in a Standard SFP Enclosure
  • GPON “Stick” ONT
  • Triple-Play QoS
  • Multicast video
  • 3 MSA-Compliant SFP Footprint


GPON ONT for Bridging Applications in a Standard SFP Enclosure

The Zhone 2311 GPON SFP ONT is a complete GPON ONT in an SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) package. Bridging applications are now easier to deploy with this MSA-compliant GPON SFP inserted into a suitable host device. Like the Zhone desktop 2301 ONT, the 2311 SFP ONT delivers a full range of advanced IP voice, data and video services over an all-optical broadband access network.

The 2311 SFP ONT is ideal for to converting the network side of a device from a legacy Ethernet connection to a high-speed GPON link. Ethernet switches, routers, set-top boxes and Zhone MX-Series access products are just some of the devices that may host the 2311 SFP ONT in their on-board SFP port. The customer side of the 2311 SFP ONT presents a full-duplex Gb link with wire-speed throughput. No external power supply is required for the 2311 SFP ONT.

Dying-Gasp support alerts the network operator of loss of power to the host device, or removal of the 2311 SFP ONT, helpful for problem identification in remote areas. The 2311 SFP ONT is hot pluggable and easy to install. Its small footprint makes it ideal for use where space or physical access to AC power is difficult.

Compliant with standard OMCI definitions, the 2311 ONT is manageable at remote sites and supports the full range FCAPS functions including supervision, monitoring and maintenance. Provisioning may be accomplished using Dynamic OMCI or ZMS (Zhone Element Management System).

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