Blonder Tongue – VMI-CEQ8V – Plug-in Equalizer , 860 MHz, Values 0-20 dB

  • 860 MHz Push Pull Hybrid Technology
  • 5-40 MHz Return Path, Field Selectable Active/Passive Operation
  • Built-in Variable Gain and Slope Controls
  • Optional Plug-in Forward Equalizer and Attenuator
  • Optional Plug-in Reverse Attenuator


The RMDA-ARP (active return path) are rack mounted 2-way broadband distribution amplifiers. Utilizing push-pull hybrid amplifier technology, they are ideal for MATV, SMATV or CATV applications. The amplifiers have a forward bandwidth of 54 – 860 MHz with a gain of 30 dB. The reverse path of 5-40 MHz is field configurable for active or passive operation. The RMDA-ARP amplifier has built-in variable gain controls on both the forward and reverse paths. A forward path variable slope control is provided inter-stage as is the variable gain control. Additionally, a fixed forward equalizer and forward and reverse attenuator plug-ins can be installed for further signal conditioning at the input to the amplifier. 30 dB back-matched test ports at the input and output are provided for monitoring both forward and reverse signal levels without interrupting service. The amplifier is housed in a 1RU aluminum chassis that provides exceptional heat dissipation.

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