Multicom -MUL-OTC-RPR-RFOG-5-85/5-200 – HFC Return Path Receiver Module

This product has been replaced with the new and innovative Multicom Four-channel Return Path Optical Receiver Module. Please see Multicom MUL-OTC-RPR4-V Four-channel Return Path Optical Receiver Module for more information.
Este producto ha sido reemplazado por el nuevo e innovador chasis de transporte optico Multicom y los modulos de aplicacion asociados. Por favor mira el Please see Multicom MUL-OTC-RPR4-V Four-channel Return Path Optical Receiver Module para mas informacion.


The Multicom OTC Return Path Receiver (RPR) Module is specifically designed to support the low power burst-mode return path transmission operations dictated by the SCTE based RFoG networks.

The OTC RPR Module houses 2 highly sensitive managed optical receivers allowing a single 4RU Multicom Optical Transport Chassis (OTC) to support 28 RFoG network links, minimizing precious headend equipment space.

The OTC RPR Modules are very sensitive, low-noise devices that provide a wide dynamic range and unrivaled NPR performance allowing the reception of a burst mode optical input as low as -27dBm without compromising RF output quality.

When combined with Multicom’s NanoNode/RFoG ONU and EDFA, a robust RFoG network with 64 splits can be deployed allowing the optimization of your fiber investment without resorting to remote hubs or field electronics. With a wavelength width from 1100nm to 1620nm and input sensitivity from -12dBm to -27dBm, the Multicom OTC RPR Module can easily support both HFC and RFoG return path applications.

  • Low Noise, high performance for the highest return path capacity and reliability
  • High density chassis design with 2 RPRs per module for up to 28 RPRs in a 4RU OTC shelf
  • Remote management using SNMP allows easy integration to standard management systems
  • High sensitivity and wide dynamic range for easy deployment of RFoG networks and ONUs
  • 0 to 30dB attenuation (software controlled) in 0.2dB steps for optimal performance tuning
  • Low power consumption. 14 Watts per module for low cost ongoing operations
  • Status indicators, RF monitor and hot-swappable design for easy diagnostics & maintenance
  • Combined with a Multicom Optical Transport Chassis allows flexible deployments and consistent operations
  • A perfect match for RFoG applications using Multicom’s High-power EDFAs with internal WDMs
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