DZS – MXK-FC-AETG8 – 10Gigabit SFP+ Uplink Card

  • Aggregation switch delivers 40 Gbps to each access card slot
  • Supports cross-card link aggregation
  • Support for carrier-class active/standby redundancy, link aggregation, point-to-point, and ring configuration on all ports 3 Supports fiber based SFP/SFP+
  • Industrial temperature hardened


Exceptional capability on the access service side of the MXK-F’s architecture requires matching capability on the network-facing uplinks. MXK-F™ Fabric Cards provide efficient, reliable, and highly-available data path aggregation solution for flows destined for the Cloud. The MXK-FC-AETG8 Fabric Card provides eight multi-purpose active Ethernet uplink ports that can support either 1G SFP or 10G SFP+ fiber transceivers, and can be operated in either uplink or intra-link modes.

Additionally, MXK-F™ Fabric Cards cards provide full card and network redundancy by supporting an active card and backup standby in the same chassis. If a card or network failover occurs, the standby card will take over instantly. And for additional network resiliency, these cards support both cross-card and intra-link aggregation, as well as the EAPS ring protocol.

MXK Fabric Cards:

MXK-FC-AETG8 – Provides eight multi-purpose active Ethernet uplink ports that can support either 1G SFP or 10G SFP+ fiber transceivers, and can be operated in either uplink or intra-link modes.

MXK-FC-AEFG2-AETG8 – In addition to the eight active Ethernet 10G SFP+ ports, the MXK-FC-AEFG2-AETG8 Fabric Card also provides two 40G QSFP+ active Ethernet uplink ports.

Also see these DZS Modular High Capacity Optical Line Terminals (OLTs):

  • DZS MXK-F1419 – Same product specs but is the 19″ model and holds 14 Access Cards.
  • DZS MXK-F1421 – Same product specs but is the 21″ model and holds 16 Access Cards.
  • DZS MXK-F219. With its MXK-F14xx lineage, it has exactly the same high-capacity backplane and high-speed virtues found in its larger siblings – except on a 2U 19″ form factor.

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